Developer board TiTAN is an Arduino-compatible hardware platform and contains MSP430 family MCU with the integrated Sub-1GHz transciever with real-time clock (CC430F5137). The output high-frequency channel is available for four frequency ranges: 315, 433, 868 and 915 MHz.

Software for Developer Board TiTAN

Integrated debugger programmer and free Code Composer Studio software with a set of examples and basic libraries allows to master the target MCU quickly . Hardware compatibility with Arduino expansion boards and the layout field allow rapid end devices development .
The data transfer format is Proprietary (end user’s own protocol).
The MCU contains 32KB Flash and 4KB RAM.

Main technical features of the Developer Board TiTAN:

  • Data transfer interfaces: UART, SPI, I2C;
  • Maximum data rate: 500 Kbps;
  • Supply voltage: 2 … 3.6 V;
  • Transmitter power: up to +12 dBm;
  • Receiver sensitivity: up to -117 dBm;
  • Operating temperature range: -40…+85 0С.