It’s time to show a model of a radio-controlled walking robot.

We used slightly modified models of KL-204 mechanism by bobsax from the Thingiverse web-site  and the joystick case by Frederic_JELMONI

And we express our deep gratitude to the authors for the excellently made models.

Let’s start.

We will need the parts of the KL-204 walking robot

Joystick case parts

Two TiTAN-I boards


Two Li-Ion battery charging boards for TP4056

MX1508 Engine Driver

And two Li-Ion batteries.

We used a 180 mAh battery for the joystick

And for the robot a 1200 mAh battery from a Samsung cell phone

A Dual-axis joystick

And Two motors with reducers

We also added an ultrasonic distance sensor to avoid collisions with obstacles

Do not forget that the TiTAN-I board does not contain its own 3.3 volt stabilizer. We used two of these for the battery power.

Two switches

Выключатель клавишный миниатюрный с подсветкой, Корея - Свет и электрика в  Артеме

And wires for the mounting

Провод монтажный 0,5 мм. кв., красный, Titan PM 0.5 (B) 100 м - Свет и  электрика во Владивостоке

For our robot, we bring the parts together to complete the scheme

октопед - схема

And we place it in the body of our robot and install the antenna on the top cover.

This is the design we’ve got.


And for the remote control, we complete the scheme by bringing together these parts.

октопед - схема2

We place it in the case of our remote control panel and glue it together. This is how it turneds out.


What’s left is to download the archive “” from our page by clicking on this link and upload the project “TITAN-octoped” to the control panel, and “TITAN-octoped-receiver” to the robot.

Our robot has an ultrasonic distance sensor, but it is not used in the program. You can enable it yourself using the example “example_14_grove_ultr”.zip” from our website.