TiTAN is MSP 430 Development Board

MSP430 Development board by TiTAN is an Arduino-compatible hardware platform and contains MSP430 family MCU

The TiTAN-I Developer Board is a continuation of the TiTAN Family Development Boards.

The board is intended for use in user applications and provides rapid development. The board contains all the necessary components for the microcontroller body kit and the radio frequency part, as well as all the input/output ports of the CC430 microcontroller.

Convenient wiring of input/output ports will certainly be appreciated by users.

Programming and debugging can be done using the built-in debugger programmer in the TiTAN board.

Necessary software for MSP430 Development Board

You can download sample programs at https://titan-project.com/en/software/

SmartRF Studio

CCS Cloud

Code Composer Studio (CCS)