MSP430 How to Work with the LED

MSP430 How to Work with the LED. This lesson focus on second development environment for microcontrollers with the MSP430 core, which is the basis for TiTAN boards

Development Environment

In the first part, we were introduced to a free web-based development environment given by Texas Instruments. It is located at the web-site

Code Composer Studio

It’s time to move on to a full-fledged Code Composer Studio development environment. The distribution is located at 

MSP430 Supported Installation

Installation takes quite a long time. During the installation, don’t forget to put a tick next to MSP430 support. After the installation, the first time you run the app, you may need to install additional libraries related to the development environment. It will do this on its own and you will only need to confirm the actions.

So, everything is ready.

Load the project

And, just as in the first part of the lesson, we will load the project “TiTAN_example_01_simply_led_blink” at link

After the project is uploaded, we will get the following image.

Run the program step-by-step

We discussed the functions from this example in the first part of the lesson.

Now let’s not just compile the project, but run the program step-by-step.

Run the compilation

If there are no errors (as shown in the picture)

Loading the program to the TiTAN

let’s move on to loading the program to the TiTAN and launching it in step-by-step mode.

If the download was successful, the program will automatically take the first command of the program. By clicking the “” button, we can run our program, which is loaded to the TiTAN step by step. At the same time in the panel

you can observe changes in the microcontroller registers and change the values if necessary.

By clicking the “” button, you can start the program in regular mode from the current position.

Congratulations, you have successfully mastered the second development environment for the TiTAN.

Video Tutorial – MSP430 How to Work with the LED