The question is: MSP430 what is it?

Lyrical digression

In my youth, I had the opportunity to work with a processor on the PDP-11 core. At that time, this processor was one of the most advanced, and programming in Assembler was a real pleasure.

Years passed, many different architectures and cores appeared. Out of natural curiosity, I studied many processors. But one day, the microcontroller with the MSP430 core me comes across. When studying datasheet, I was amazed and discouraged. Youthful memories and the warmth of long-forgotten feelings woke up in my memory. It was the son of a PDP-11!

Why MSP430?

msp430 what is it

All the microcontroller cores are somehow alike. Having studied one of them, you can quickly master all the rest – from simple to more complex. Different microcontrollers differ in a set of peripherals, outputs, frequencies. For all of them, a lot of programming languages, compilers and development environments have been written. You can write in high level languages ​​or assembly language. And all this will be clear and transparent.

But MSP430 is amazing at any level. When programming in C ++, the process looks like the creation of a masterpiece by an artist; when programming in Assembler, it is the invention of something quick and obedient. At the design stage of schemes – a flight of imagination of the architect of the most modern skyscraper. Can you imagine that you can assign the functions you need to virtually any output of the microcontroller? And the presence of a huge number of sources of clock frequency? And what your device can work for years from one battery?

Why is the MSP430 not as widespread as AVR or C51? Maybe the initial cost of the debuger is scaring away, maybe is a small number of people with a fantasys flight corresponding to this core, maybe the difficulty of acquiring “starter kits.”

MSP430 Tutorials

MSP430 what is it and how to master this core and a huge microcontrollers family with MSP430 core.

In our new project “TiTAN” we are planning to help beginners and professionals to master this core and a huge microcontrollers family with MSP430 core. The project includes a wide range of “starter kits” and debugging tools, a lot of libraries with examples of working with all the peripherals.