We want to demonstrate PWR-SWR MSP430 core. A device for measuring transmitted power and standing wave ratio (PWR+SWR meter) based on the TiTAN board based on the MSP430 core. 

The TiTAN board generates a 433 MHz radio frequency with an output power of +10 dBm. 

The signal is fed to a high-frequency amplifier +12.5dBm. 

We tested this design with a Rohde & Schwarz NRT-Z44 with a homemade load equivalent based on a 60N50TPC RF resistor 

We got such characteristics 

After that we assembled my device completely. 

The signal from the amplifier goes to the measuring bridge with a high-frequency voltmeter. 

The voltage from the voltmeter goes to the ADC of the TiTAN board, which measures the power passing to the load equivalent and the power reflected from it. After that, it calculates the SWR. All information is shown on a two-line LCD 

We got fairly accurate readings. And we got a very interesting SWR on the equivalent of load, which is made on SMD resistors. 

We want to note that the device is able to work with packet transmission.