Many people are wondering if it is possible to transfer an image using TiTAN?

We answer: Yes, you can!

Now we will tell you how this can be done.

To do this, we will need a TiTAN-I board

The OV7670 camera with FIFO AL422B



Some wires and patience.

Let’s put together such a scheme

Since the camera is controlled and configured via the I 2 C interface – it is mandatory to install resistors.

It remains to download the project “TiTAN_OV7670_AL422” from our page: and upload it to the TiTAN-I board.

In the archive, in the “soft” directory, there is a program written in python that will help display the image received from the camera. The transfer takes place over the serial port and the speed is not high. 

Here is the result of the program.