Our development team promised to tell you how the TiTAN and TiTAN-I family of development boards, built on the 16-bit MSP430 core, will help you master and move to 32-bit cores quickly. We described this goal in our mission https://titan-project.com/titan-mission/

Now is the time to tell you about that we have launched in development and are testing new development boards of the TiTAN family. Meet the TiTAN-T and TiTAN-V boards!

These boards is based on the MSP432P401R microcontroller in a BGA case. This allows you to keep the minimum board size and provide a huge number of I/O ports.

We will definitely talk about what unites MSP430 and MSP432 in our future articles. We will also talk about the unique features of MSP432, which will allow you to transfer existing projects from MSP430 to MSP432 quickly.

The TiTAN-T and TiTAN-V development boards remain fully compatible with software development environments such as CCS and Energia.

The TiTAN-T and TiTAN-V boards is designed so that it can be programmed directly via the built-in USB bootloader or debugged via the JTAG connector. The USB bootloader is already in the microcontroller.

As we promised, all of our TiTAN family development boards contain a wireless data transfer module. The TiTAN-T board contains a CC1101 chip for operation in 315/433/868/915 MHz band, and the TiTAN-V boards contains a CC2500 chip for operation in the 2.4 GHz band.

In parallel with the release of the TiTAN-T and TiTAN-V boards, an OEM version of the TiTAN-XDS debugger-programmer compatible with the XDS110 is released.