RF power and LNA amplifier 433/868/915 MHz




Typical Operating Characteristics


Supply Voltage4.55.05.25V
RX/TX input switch voltage
RX modeOpen01V
TX mode3.03.310
RF Input/Output impedance50Ohm
Supply Current
Transmit mode
433 MHz450490510mA
868 MHz320360400
915 MHz320360400
Receive mode
433 MHz125150mA
868 MHz125150
915 MHz125150
Input RF level @ Transmit mode
433 MHz-3505dBm
868 MHz-151012
915 MHz-151012
Output RF level @ Transmit mode (5V Power supply)
433 MHz @ 0 dBm (Input)28.52929.5dBm
868 MHz @ 10 dBm (Input) 27.027.828.0
915 MHz @ 10 dBm (Input)26.527.027.2
Output RF level @ Receive mode (5V Power supply)
433 MHz @ –100 dBm (Input)21.822.022.2dBm
433 MHz @ –110 dBm (Input)23.523.824.0
868 MHz @ –100 dBm (Input)21.822.022.2
868 MHz @ –110 dBm (Input) 23.523.824.0
915 MHz @ –100 dBm (Input)19.820.020.2
915 MHz @ –110 dBm (Input)23.223.423.6



Pin #Function
2Supply voltage
3RX/TX mode switch


Geometric dimensions

RF output power diagram




  1. We ask you to familiarize yourself with the laws of your country on the use of radio frequencies and the power of transmitters. You can change the output power of the amplifier by changing the power at its input. You can convert dBm to Watts using the on-line calculator at https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/power/dBm_to_Watt.html
  2. A heat sink must be used for the amplifier to work.
  3. As a transceiver, you can use TiTAN/TiTAN-I development board or whatever you like.
  4. To achieve the best result, the power supply of the amplifier must be supplied with a wire with a cross section of at least 0.5 mm2 and a length of no more than 100 mm.


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Download here TiTAN-J datasheet

Additional information


315 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz


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