Meet. Platform TITAN.

We present to your attention a new series of open source platform.

Each of us has developed our devices on a wonderful platform Arduino, used additional shields which are presented in a wide range on the market.
This video is intended for those who already manages the 8-bit architecture of Arduino, but it is still difficult to master 32-bit MCUs.

The basis of this platform is a 16-bit microcontroller manufactured by Texas Instruments with the core MSP430. For novice developers on MCUs this core has always stayed in the background because of the high cost of the debugger-programmer.

Let’s list the hardware part of Titan.

  1. Built-in debugger-programmer
  2. Built-in USB-UART Converter
  3. The target MCU with all necessary bundling The MCU contains 32KB of program storage memory, 4KB of RAM, 4 banks of nonvolatile memory, a unique timing counter with the compare/capture possibility by 8 register, 10-channel 12-bit ADC, 6 comparators and a wide range of hardware and communication interfaces. It also has a flexible power supply control system, software core and equipment frequency control separately from each other, MCU’s pins reassignment and many others. Moreover TITAN MCU contains built-in real-time clock, temperature sensor and sub-GHz radio interface.

The radio interface allows to transmit and receive information at frequencies 315, 433, 868 and 915 MHz. Its power is 10 dBm, which allows to transmit information up to 500 meters.

Now about the software.

The company Texas Instruments offers a Code Composer Studio development environment, SmartRF Studio tool and a set of MSPWare libraries absolutely for free. By connecting TITAN to SmartRF Studio you can already get a powerful tool to work with radio. The company also provides a web development environment that fully meets the requirements of any
MCU developer on MSP430. A scheme of the TITAN platform, as well as lessons on the core MSP430 with examples of using built-in hardware programs and Arduino shields will be presented on our website.